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Tom Cade and Susan Terry have Wed

Tom Cade and Susan Terry have Wed

World leaders convene; stock market spikes; fourth horseman saddles up

Bothell, Wash. – In an announcement of which the full scope of its impact cannot yet be fully gauged, Tom Cade and Susan Terry, both residents of this big ol’ crazy world in which we live, have decided, against all reason, to get married. Finally.

At 4:00pm on Saturday, March 2, 2019, in a small private ceremony held in front of the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace in the log home at the Dancing Dish Farm, Paul and Sheri Kent served as witnesses for Ms. Terry, and Michael and Sonja Cade served as witnesses for Mr. Cade. Longtime good friend Lincoln Johnson served as officiant.

Security was tight, the champagne was cold, the Pygmy goats were small, and after the ceremony the three couples and the officiant went to dinner at nearby Inglewood Golf Club.

“After 22 years of ambivalence, bickering, endless chores, and moodiness, we figured things can only get better,” gushed a beaming Ms. Terry, who was also quick to point out there were some good times mixed in over the past two decades, such as epic travel adventures, numerous wonderful gatherings of friends and family, a beautiful home built together, and mutual support for two rewarding careers.

“I just felt we didn’t want to rush into anything,” explained Cade, evidently trying to defend the long courtship, in a carefully prepared statement given earlier to the stunned media outlets gathered at an abruptly-held press conference.

Sources say that friends and immediate family could not be reached for comment, but a neighbor driving by in a late-1970s Dodge pickup shouted, “I just knew it was gonna happen sooner or later!”

Meanwhile, the earth continues to rotate on its axis.